Union Altar piece

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"Union" sculpture. Bringing art and ceremony to your space.

"Sometimes we can share a moment so powerful with another human.
So filled.
So trusting.
That time seems to hold still for a while. Like the trees themselves lean in to hear the song.
There is strength in the poetry of a love in act.
Two minds entwined just for a moment.
Entangled in your twisting vines, yet I feel freer than ever.
A moment unleashed from the beautiful chaos that is life and into a floating stillness. Suspended in the void that somehow embraces me - like I am a fallen leaf guided by the wind.
This moment feels like sudden clarity after the fog.
This trance lifts me higher from its haze.
My body is a spring craving to be filled with this life force.
Until I'm left pulsating.
Buzzing with an energy that reminds of how vibrantly alive I am.
A creature that knows herself with all the humility of truly knowing another.
How the collision of two powerful forces can create a planet when respect is involved.
An ecosystem of intimacy.
A world between worlds."

Measures 14cm wide x 24cm deep x 23cm high.