The Artist


Having grown up in the Australian bush with a family full of visual artists, musicians, and people working with the land, Eliza has been working with the tools of expression and nature ever since she can remember. After having studied in Visual Arts and then Photography, she left behind her old home and dove head first into creating her own business - the business of expression and connection - from the roots up. She lived in a tent along the coast of Australia for 2 years, wanting to be deeply immersed in the land and expressing from this state.  Ever since, she has been travelling Australia sharing her art as a sculptor and storyteller through “The Council of Ancients” – in festivals, on the streets, and online.

Eliza is passionate about the power of making people feel. This magic is so linked to our connection to each other and can spark all forms of change through the world - change that is so desperately needed. 

"The role of the artist is to make revolution irresistible", and this is the path that Eliza has chosen to embody - through expressio, and wild and authentic connection.