The Artist

Temple of Living Clay draws on the expressions of many different cultures and generations to create practical art that merges the seen with the unseen. These clay works have focus on the mystic, the wild/primal and the erotic/sexual journeys in life. They express these journeys through materials that come from the earth and are alchemised through the elements - to become art pieces that encourage ritual and a call back to the physical senses.

Each clay work is fully hand built – rather than on a pottery wheel - from years of experience and studying techniques by clay masters of various tribes and cultures. Each work varies from larger sculptural pieces to tools for ritual/plant medicine journeys, to pottery based works – encouraging a more conscious, raw and expressive lifestyle in many practices of life.

 Temple of Living Clay stands in integrity with the vision of a peoples living in their most instinctual, expressive, and inspired selves – honouring their innate and ecological homes and healing the wounds of their generations past, present and future.


Eliza grew up in the Australian bush, on a 1000 acre property of wilderness. She grew up understanding the land before she knew anything about the cityscapes of this modern society.
With a professional artist mother, she was also learning about the ways of visual arts before anything else in life – and it soon became one of the only things she knew for certain about herself and her life – guiding her in the depths of a transient/rocky upbringing.
She began her clay journey at age 17, and at 18 years old she moved out of home and lived in a tent along the east coast of Australia – selling her art on the streets to get by. Now she is residing on a beautiful piece of land in the Northern Rivers – showcasing her artworks in exhibitions and festivals around Australia, as well as to her dedicated online audience: through her business, “Temple of Living Clay”.


"The role of the artist is to make revolution irresistible"