- All sculptures are formed with stoneware clay.

-I cannot give dates on shop updates. I restock when I have a collection of pieces finished and I cannot know exactly when this will happen. The art of sculpture is a beautifully slow one, and when the time comes for an update, I will post on my social media all of the details.

- Microwaving food in any piece is not recommended as it is not sustainable for the lifetime of the clay.

- I do not send printed receipts with each order, just what digitally comes after you make a purchase.

- Refunds can be made within 24 hours of purchasing, but you will have to pay a $20 cancellation fee. After 24 hours, an item CANNOT be refunded, as I will most likely have sent it away to be shipped. Please be sure of your order before purchasing.


- Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping (within Australia). Also keep in mind that public holidays can affect shipping times as well.

-For orders outside of Australia, please allow up to 7 weeks. Every country will have different shipping times from Australia.

-If any orders bounce back to me due to incorrect postal address given, you will be required to pay for shipping again.

-Once your item has been sent to get shipped, it is no longer my responsibility. I send each piece with as much safety as possible (every piece is double boxed with cushioning in each box), but once the parcel is sent it is actually out of my control and now the shipping companies responsibility.

- If your piece does happen to break during the shipment process, you can message me for tips on how you can repair it! I cannot repair it for you at this point - or replace it, but I will give any advice I can.


- I consider commissions based on request. Not all requests can be fulfilled - or not how you may want - due to the nature of ceramics. The process of sculpture can be very fragile and not all things are possible to make, so please respect if I say no to a commission!

-To enquire about a custom made piece, you can apply through the "Commissions" page with all of the information you can provide about what you want. I will give you a price based on the size and complexity of the custom order and we can collaborate from there if we both wish to proceed.

-Commissions take on average between 1-2 months to be completed. Please do not make a request if you do not have this amount of time to wait as I cannot always rush it. I try to complete each piece as fast as possible, however I also take pride in the art of slow making - this is how each piece is made with so much intention.

- Please understand that a sculpture may not come out exactly how you picture it. When a sculpture goes into the kiln, I know generally what colours the glazes will be, but I cannot know exactly how it will look until it has finished the final firing. (This is part of what makes it so scary and exciting to do)

-A commission will require a $50 initial deposit (this is taken out of the final price), and the remainder can be paid once the commission is complete and ready to send out. This is because I begin working with your idea as soon as you send it. 

-You will be charged the remainder of the price + shipping after the commission is complete - I will send you an invoice which you can pay through. Afterpay is available for commissions. 

- Each piece is intended to empower life in all its forms, and as a sacred tool to bring you back home to your self and this earth. I put a lot of my own self into every single work and so I ask that you treat each piece with as much beautiful rawness and love as you can.