Merging the seen with the unseen.

Journeys of the wild, the mystic and the erotic are expressed through materials that come from the earth and are alchemized through the elements - to become art pieces that encourage ritual and a call back to the physical senses.

Each clay piece is fully hand-built – rather than on a pottery wheel. This takes far longer and is a very intimate and primal approach to clay work. My work comes from years of experience and studying techniques by clay people of various tribes and cultures. Each work varies from larger sculptural pieces to tools for ritual/plant medicine journeys, to pottery-based pieces – encouraging a more conscious, raw, and expressive lifestyle in many practices of life.

Temple of Living Clay stands in integrity with the vision of a peoples' living in their most instinctual, expressive, and inspired selves – honouring their innate and ecological homes and healing the wounds of their generations past, present and future.