The Art...

When earth makes love to life.

 I create talismans and altar pieces for worship as well as ceremonial vessels and tools for ritual magic.

My work is a blend of raw, unfiltered creation energy and elemental alchemy:

Earth – to craft [clay/minerals]

Water – to form/soften

Air – to dry

Fire – to transform/strengthen

Spirit – Creation energy

We, the collective, have lost our connection to nature, to our inherent sexuality, to our food, to community, and to our primal, instinctual selves.

Clay has been used for these ritual purposes for thousands of years. These hand built functional sculptures are a celebration of the knowledge and spirituality of generations of different cultures – to channel nature’s creative medicine and aid us in our walks of life.

Our lives are a statement - whether we choose or not. By simply living every day for ourselves and for this Earth we are disrupting the system that is currently in place and fuelling the movement
for change.





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